Submission policies


All abstracts must arrive by 17 de july de 2020 (23:59)

Abstracts should be submitted in English only. It is not mandatory to send the complete paper, only the abstract.

IMPORTANT! By default the corresponding author will also be the presenting author in case the abstract is accepted for oral or poster presentation. Abstracts should only be submitted if the corresponding author plans to attend the CBRA   at Rio de Janeiro. This author must be registered in the Congress.

It is not allowed to change the corresponding/presenting author, nor is it allowed to make changes to the list of authors, the list of affiliations or the abstract itself after the corresponding/presenting author has received the outcome of the reviewing process.


Make sure all the details are correct before you submit your abstract. At submission, abstracts should contain unpublished and original material, which has not yet been presented in any other meeting. Each presenting author can only submit one abstract.

Abstracts will be discarded in the absence of the names and addresses (afiliation) of the authors or inadequate submission.


Authors are requested to indicate their preference for oral and/or poster presentation on the abstract submission form. Abstracts that are submitted for oral/poster presentation, but that are not selected for oral communication can be referred to the poster sessions. The decisions of the selection committee are final, including the number of oral presentations.


All accepted abstracts and the index of authors will be published in  JBRA Assisted Reproduction.

All abstract will be reviewed and scored and subsequently accepted for presentation or rejected. This process will take some time to complete and the outcome will be available by August 10 th.  At that time the submitter will be notified as to whether his/her abstract has been accepted or not.

In the “resumo” field, the complete abstract containing the following items should be inserted:


The full abstracts must not exceed a maximum 3700 characters

Please observe the following while preparing the submission of your abstract:

  • Abstracts should be submitted in English only.
  • Abbreviations can be used after defining them first.

If there are tables, the file must be downloaded in the field “trabalho completo”, do not insert names of authors, co-authors and institution in this file.

  • Tables
    -Maximum 2(two) / no exceptions/
  • Each table
    – Maximum 8 columns
    – Maximum 12 lines.
  • Figures are not allowed
  • Abstract title. Do not use capital letters and do not indent. The title should reflect the content.
  • List the authors with family name first, followed by initials (i.e. Jones, B.; Smith, J.; and Simpson, A.) The first author or any co-author are authorized to be the presenting author. Do not include professional titles or degrees.
  • Prepare a minimum of at least two, maximum five keywords.
  • Authors are urged to carefully consider the list of topics*,before indicating the single most appropriate topic for their abstract

List of topics

Topic categories:

  • Basic science and Lab
  • Clinical
  • Paramedical (includes Psychology and Nursery)
Topics (when Basic science or Clinical science are selected):
  • Andrology
  • Embryology
  • Ovulation protocols
  • Endometriosis, endometrium and fallopian tube
  • Ethics and law
  • Implantation and early pregnancy
  • Male and female fertility preservation
  • Psychology and counselling
  • Nursery
  • Reproductive surgery (female and male)
  • Stem cells


Formas de apresentação 



· Trabalhos selecionados para apresentação oral terão a duração de 10 minutos, compreendendo 08 minutos apresentação e 02 minutos discussão. A critério da comissão tal sistemática poderá ser alterada e, neste caso, o autor principal será informado a respeito.


· Os trabalhos apresentados como pôsteres eletrônicos ficarão expostos em telas de LCD, em local específico e deverão obedecer às seguintes especificações: slide em Power Point (PPT), formato vertical/retrato, tamanho 19,05 de largura por 33,36 de altura até 1 (uma) página.
·O arquivo do trabalho aprovado, deverá ser enviado até o dia 04 de setembro de 2020.
·O título do pôster deverá ser o mesmo do resumo, em letra maiúscula.


Prêmios de melhores apresentações orais:

· 1º lugar: R$ 3.000,00
· 2º lugar: R$ 2.000,00
· 3º lugar: R$ 1.000,00

Prêmio de Melhor Pôster:

· 1º lugar: R$ 1.000,00