Eixo Título do trabalho Autores
Embryology Validation process of free-DNA medium collection for noninvasive preimplantation genetics test for aneuploidy (niPGT-A) C.G. Petersen¹, ², L. Vagnini¹., A. Renzi1, J.B.A. Oliveira¹,², F. Dieamant², B. Petersen ²,, M.C.T. Canas¹, A.H. Oliani³, R. Nakano4, C.G. Almodin5, C. Marcondes6, A. Ceschin7, A. Amaral8, E. Borges Jr9, A. Castelo Branco10, J.B. Soares11, J. Lopes12, J.G. Franco Jr.¹,².
Embryology Can we predict aneuploidy with morphokinetics parameters? Nicolielo, M.¹, Jacobs, C.¹, Erberelli, R.¹, Mendez, F.¹, Belo, A.¹, Fanelli, M.¹, Aiello, B.¹, Motta E. L. A.², Lorenzon, A. R.³.
Andrology Early and late paternal contribution to cell division of embryos in a time-lapse incubation system Setti, A.S;Braga, D.P.A.F;Provenza, R.R;Iaconelli Jr., A;Borges Jr., E
Embryology Trisomy causes accelerated embryonic development. Is that an indication for preimplantation genetic test for aneuploidy in in vitro fertilized embryos? Alecsandra P Gomes BSc¹, Hamilton de Martin MSc ¹,², Mariana G Fujii BSc¹, Maiara Conatti BSc ¹, Tatiana CS Bonetti PhD³, Pedro A Monteleone MD, PhD¹,²
Embryology Zika virus infectivity in human ovarian granulosa cells Araújo, L.B.¹; Bloise, F.F.¹; Souza, M.C.B.²; Antunes, R.A.³; Mancebo, A.C.A.²; Coelho, S.V.A.³; Arruda, L.B.³; Ortiga-Carvalho, T.M.¹
Andrology Oocyte ability to repair sperm DNA fragmentation: The effect of maternal age on ICSI outcomes Borges Jr. E;Braga, D.P.A.F;Setti, A.S;Provenza, R.R;Iaconelli Jr., A
Male and female fertility preservation Three-dimensional (3D) in vitro culture using magnetic levitation system of bovine ovary fragments maintain tissue viability and balanced oxidative status Antonino, D. C.;Soares, M. M;Silveira, I. N;Watanabe, L. G. V;Verzemiassi, I. S. B. F;Beletti, M. E;Alves, K. A;Alves, B. G;Rosa-Silva, A. C. J. S
Psychology and counselling Surrogacy : the main indications and couple’s biggest challenges, an 18-year psychology experience in a reproductive medicine clinic in Brazil. Avelar CC¹,²; Leite FTF¹; Pereira LMR¹; Marinho RM1; Caetano JPJ¹
Psychology and counselling Motherhood plan: has it changed in face of the COVID-19 pandemics? Braga, D.P.A.F; Setti, A.S., Iaconelli Jr., A., Borges Jr., E.


Ovulation protocols Granulosa cell signaling-based bioassay in vitro for personalized stimulation in ART E. Paradiso¹, C. Lazzaretti¹, S. Sperduti1, L. Riccetti¹, A. Nicoli²,M.T. Villani²,
J. Daolio², M. Lispi³, E. ravotta³, G. Orlando³,M. Simoni¹, L.Casarini¹